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5 tips to find out which slot is about to pay out

Below you can read the 5 most important tips, which we invite you to put into practice to increase the possibility of hitting winning combinations on the reels.

Top 5 tips for slot machines

1st – It’s time to play

The first thing to do to take home the dream jackpot is to time the slots. If you find yourself in front of a bar machine, you will have no problem dwelling in front of it and observing the results over time. Maybe sipping a good coffee. If for some reason you find that other players are glaring at you because they don’t understand the reasons why you stop at the slot machine they are playing at, then don’t get too conspicuous and play a few games at a nearby slot machine. 

If you are observing a certain machine which has not paid for a long time, you absolutely must make sure that you are the next person to play it: the chances of winning for you will be very high. What should you do if instead of being in front of a bar machine, you are playing online slots? In this case you will have to wait for the announcements of the big online casinos, which inform the players when a particular slot machine is capable of giving out large jackpots. Of course you will need to stay away from slots that have recently released one win and focus on others

2nd – Cycle of slot machine

Another factor to consider is that slot machines follow cycles. There is no game in the world that will not pay off in the end, and you must be the player present at the right time, in the right place, that is to say in front of the slot game ready to give emotions and winnings. A trend highlighted by the most experts concerns the timing of slot machine payments; what you need to know is that if a game hasn’t paid for a long period of time, at some point it will start paying out big winnings, most likely one after the other. For this reason, you don’t have to think that if a slot pays once, it stops doing so. Always remember what we said from the beginning: the slots follow cycles. You have to take advantage of the winning cycles.

3rd – Look at the slot rating

We advise you to let go of the games that are not popular with players, that is, those that people don’t like. You, in fact, will have to take into consideration the slots that enjoy great attention from users, because they are the ones with the greatest chance of giving winnings. In addition, the slots that are not taken seriously certainly do not have those elements such as special bonus rounds or payout multipliers, which make the gaming experience more exciting and profitable.

4th – Don’t play one slot for too long

Another tip to follow is to not get too carried away by a specific slot, and end up playing it for many hours. You don’t have to fall into that trap, always act coolly and rationally. If a game makes you win small amounts from time to time to give you the impression that you are earning or that a jackpot is around the corner, stay away! It’s the other players – the players before you – who have to pave the way for you. The other players will have to start a winning cycle at a slot, where you, then, will have to go and play

5th – Choose the right slot

One last tip concerns the type of slot. As the statistics show, the highest paying slots are also the ones requiring the highest stakes. In the best online casinos, this type of slot – also known as “high limit slots” – has a dedicated section just for them. These are the slot machines that undoubtedly have a higher payout percentage; in this case, however, we recommend that you keep your bankroll under control to always avoid bad. Before starting the adventure with an online slot, read our recommendations on the bonuses offered by the AAMS casino of your choice and play without risking losing money.

The main advice for winning!

We remind you that the luck factor is the one that most of all affects when playing slot machines, so play responsibly without investing large sums!

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