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Features of Progressive Jackpot Slots

All slot machines have a series of symbols which, if they appear on the reels in certain combinations, result in winnings. Some specific symbols, such as Wilds or Scatters, allow you to win higher amounts than regular ones. The jackpot symbols in many slots are not tied to any particular combinations, but still pay out winnings.

About jackpot

The jackpot (which constitutes the prize pool) is often progressive, that is, it is not determined in a fixed amount but increases until it is won. The amount at stake is fed by a percentage of the bets made and when it is won it starts from scratch. Progressive jackpots can reach very large sums, up to several hundred thousand dollars, sometimes exceeding the Million, therefore it is difficult to win them.

Progressive jackpot slots have the same rules and operation as classic ones. The only difference is represented by the fact that a percentage of the bets will form the jackpot, the prize pool.

Best Slot Machines with Jackpots

Below is a list of the best slot machines with progressive jackpots, present in casinos with AAMS license and therefore legal and reliable. By clicking on each of these you will see our careful review and the demo to try it for free.

By looking carefully at the list you will have noticed the presence of numerous Marvel slots. Among the most popular names we have: Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Daredevil, Elektra, Spider-Man, the Fantastic 4, Blade and The Avenger. Marvels are very popular with slot machine game enthusiasts because they have the largest progressive jackpot. This happens both because the number of players is very high, and because the money collected in these slots all converge in the “Marvel Mysterious Jackpot”.

This is a completely random prize that can be hit even during non-winning spins. A similar jackpot is also offered by slots like Spamalot but in this case the prize pool is only won in the presence of the rarest combination or in bonus games.

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